Lemongrass Ritual Oil

Lemongrass Ritual Oil

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Good For: Renewed purpose and a reminder to pause.

Made with Lavender, Lemongrass, Cape Sweet Orange. 30ml

The Difference
Filled with wonder, this Ritual Oil is an energising interlude – a reminder to relish the little moments in life. Our Lavender, born of tough mountain conditions, channels a softness that soothes, while Lemongrass allows you to let it all go. And finally, a touch of sweet orange, to lift and release the mood.

Turning daily rituals into transformative experiences,
ÙMÛ ÕRÅ brings together plant extracts and oil that harness
the power of restoration, of the radiance and regeneration
found in nature.

Celebrating Africa in Africa,
we set out to tell a different story, with one purpose:
To shine a light on Africa’s Magic.

From the iconic creativity bursting from the continent;
to the ancient majesty of her Nature;
to her diverse people, Children of the Sun,
who remind us what true beauty looks like
through something as simple as a smile;
there is no limit to her Wonder.

Often, we need to go back to the beginning
to know how to move forward;
with wisdom and respect for the Wellbeing of ourselves,
one another, and Earth.

Africa always knew the Way — There and Back.